Artist (Lieuwe - Amsterdam,1991) van Gogh.

Gifted descendant of world-famous family member: Vincent Van Gogh. The painter Paul Gauguin's best friend since their shared hardships in Paris - seeking artistic recognition. Gauguin fled the oppressive European civilization, sought and found motives for his best work in Tahiti and Polynesia.


Van Gogh, already far removed from earlier work such as “The Potato Eaters” and a passionate, radical impressionist, was left alone in the French province. There Vincent cut off his ear in compassion and painted himself. This shocking painting is located in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. That is where by far most of his work is showcased and is valued at several billion USD. To the constant annoyance of unorthodox cinematographer/TV maker Theo van Gogh, Lieuwe's gifted, unruly father, those world-famous paintings were all donated to the Dutch State by their family. 


But Lieuwe Van Gogh ignores that and continues on his own way. An old Dutch tile wisdom says: “The apple doesn't fall far from the tree”. The Young Van Gogh now paints with the same obsession as Vincent then. His work is powerful, colorful and expressive. 'A Rising Star' - whose art is rapidly increasing in value, with the signature: Van Gogh.



Lieuwe van Gogh, born in Amsterdam, 1991, is a direct descendant of Vincent van Gogh. His father was filmmaker Theo van Gogh, murdered by a muslim extremist in 2004. Lieuwe started painting already from a young age and graduated Mix Art Academy when he was just 16. After years of working in the kitchen as a sous-chef, he developed his own unique and recognizable style of painting with squeezebottles and cutlery. In 2022, he created the sponsor lithograph for the Dutch Museum of Lithography, unknowingly using the same scratching technique as Vincent has with his lithographs. Lieuwes debut solo exposition, opened by the Dutch State Secretary for Culture & Media and under the attention of all main press Pentecost 2022, attracted an audience from all over the country and abroad, and sold out in 3 days. 


Now: talented, living true young Van Gogh became already a Trademark - to conquer our planet. Exclusively represented by: LAD Modern Art B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Recent events:

2023: Exhibition at the Royal Polo at the Palace event september 2023

2023: Second Solo-Exhibition Pentecost 2023

2023: Created the 'Vegan Shark' Screen Print for the Dutch Museum of Printing

2022: Created a Pink Shark, Big Green Egg Barbecue Art Piece, at the Masters EXPO.

2022: Debut Solo-Exhibition, opened by Dutch Secretary of State of Culture & Media Gunay Uslu. Sold out.

2022: Created the Sponsor Lithograph for Dutch Museum of Lithography.

2021: Group Exhibition at WIHH Gallery Amsterdam.

2021: Selected for KUNSTRAI, Amsterdam Art Fair.

2020: Private Underground Expo in Amsterdam.

2019: 60 hours painting (with livestream) in Amsterdam.